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El Pais Motel and RV park

A funky little place with wonderful owners!! not a great area of town, but not horrible either. close to the Loop trail and everything you could want.

We stayed here for 17 nights as we sold our rig and built out a new truck for living. 14 nights were in a motel room while we unpacked and cleaned to old rig. Then we parked out front and build a bed and kitchen and toilet during the day using their power.

You can park out front and boondock for free, but get no amenities. For $20 a night you get access to pool, clubhouse, grills indoor and outdoor kitchen, 2 bathrooms, free chicken eggs and dive in movies by the pool. decent WiFi too!

Full hookups are $40 a night and we got the motel room for that price too (but we did stay 2 weeks).
Our final 3 nights were in the new rig at $20 a night as we adjusted to this new camper.

we cannot say enough good things about how accommodating the owners were.

AZT trailhead with a view of the lake

nice spot with great views all around. 1 mile down road to lake or 1.5 on AZT (take a right at the big sign on the left with a small sign pointing eight and indicating water) no services, but quiet pleasant. VZW coverage is great, no TMO.

Rocky point state campground

this location is the free sites. right before the pay station take a left and the road will bring you up here to the dispersed sites.

the other posting South of here is before the campground, but there is a sign posted in that pull off that says no camping. so it was a little confusing to us coming in at night.

Farragut state park

we chose a primitive spot with no amenities for $16 a night. we were able to put 2 overland rigs in the spot though. no fires and no tents in here. It's a quick walk to the free showers and trash from here. none of the sites are close enough to the lake to matter so might as well stay further back. Nice trails around the park and they sell a map at the visitor center for $1. 2 dump stations where we got water. they have Aluminium
recycling too. The beach spot is nice and the disc golf was fun.

Camp lamoille

beautiful spots right on the river with amazing mtns all around. this spot is in the trees and although you can see the road, you cannot hear it. Firepit and flat area for tents just 50 ft from where you park. Best spot we have found in NV so far! on your way into the camp there is a road that goes left or right. right needs more clearance then left, but left had a little mud and a creek crossing. no 4x4 needed though. the last spot on the left road will require clearance and 4x4.

BLM just south of the Ruby mountains

It was time for dinner and we saw a track heading up to a high point so decided to head up. great views! no one around for miles! no T-mobile, I can see AT&T but cannot roam on it. road continues on, but we were happy with the view right at the top of the steep climb and called it good.

Near secret basin in the forest

It was a long slow sandy drive into secret basin but there was nothing flat around and no pull offs, so we came back down a bit to a flat spot we had seen in the trees earlier. a little higher than the valley and thus cooler. Tons of sagebrush brushing the car on the way in. If you want remote and dark skies, this is it! We don't think it was worth the drive, but the wind is a lot better here than in the valley. Nothing here, no services.

McCann Canyon Summitt in the forest

top of the hill by road (another mile on faint tracks or hike to the high point). about 9k feet and nice and cool after a hot day much lower. have not seen anyone for miles, just antelope and bighorn sheep (in hot creek valley). nice and quiet and no services. Perfect for relaxing!

BLM above Rachel with views towards Area 51

we came up here to spend a quiet night away from town and off the highway enough to not be noticed and to escape the heat a little more. the Al e Inn was closed fmthis night and they were having a locals birthday party. The highway got very quiet at night, stars were great and the lights and planes of Area 51 started around midnight. no services. There was a fire ring but we didn't use it. Watch out for fire ants!

Grass Lake in the forest at 9k

Dispersed camping on the lake in the Forest. talked to the Ranger today and he suggested this as a place in the forest at higher elevation to get out of this heat wave. there is a vault toilet and no T-Mobile service (but can see AT&T and Verizon). A lot of spots in the 2 miles from the main road to here. Road in was steep and a little rough but no special clearance required. Might be VERY different if it was wet. its June and still cannot get over the pass to Ephraim from here.

Rocky Mountain High

sign posted saying no camping yet there was someone here. Not sure if it closed for COVID or indefinitely.

Big Sandy Reservoir

Nice location even in winter! accessible road and minimal spot in pull-off. fire ring covered in snow. got down to just below zero, but we were warm inside. Full moon made the lake beautiful and it was very quiet here.

The Big Eddie

not accessible in Winter. we got 3/4 of a mile from it, but the road wasn't plowed. it was a little packed from skis and snowmobiles, but we didn't want to get stuck. pretty area and nice views though.

Caddis Flats Campground (free)

nice even in the snow and cold! A little road noise but not bad. 8 degrees in the morning. bathrooms were clean and spot was very pretty. Great 4G signal on T-Mobile

recapture pocket overlook

as described. no on else there but plenty of places to tuck into and be away from another. minimal US cellular signal. great views and extremely quiet. also a little tucked away from the wind.

Hurricane Creek Camp

Clearance became an issue about .2 miles from the GPS pin. Probably under 8 feet tall is ok, but anything taller will have issues with the large low hanging branches. Did not make it to the site.

Asheville Visitor Center parking lot

Pretty quiet night sleep for being in the city. Around midnight all of the lights go out and the parking lot gets quite dark. you can hear the highway but it was constant noise. We heard one train in the night as well. Great location to walk to everythingbin town.

Fairview National Forest - dispersed camping

This used to be a formal campground bit USFS has shut it down for lack of use. the sign says they will leave the pit toilet and city water for dispersed camping on a trial basis. it's a great spot on top of the hill with wonderful views through the trees. It used to be a fire lookout built by the CCC. No T-Mobile service. it's close to the road so you get some noise but it was very quiet from 10-5. we were the only ones here. pit toilets have TP and are clean. Please help keep this place clean so it can stay open!

Natural Dam - national forest

nice waterfall and parking lot right off the highway. the Dam covers road noise up although it's a quiet road. Good 4G T-mobile signal. no services.

Ouachita NF

as described. right on the Ouachita Trail. we saw no one in 18 hours we were there. 4 bars of T-Mobile 4G.

Bear Creek Army COE campground

nice campground on the lake with running water, pit toilets, trails. about 9 spots pretty close together but we were the only ones. a bit of day traffic though. very poor cell signal T-Mobile. $8 or $4 with a national parks pass

Cass County Park Campgrounds

Nice campground with spots that all have a lake view. picnic tables at each spot and a fire pit. Very clean bathrooms and showers, (not shared). paid $20 with hookups that we didn't need. No dry campsites. can make reservations by calling 903-665-0046. 4 bars of T-Mobile 4G service. Great sunsets!

Cummins Diesel Repair

We were told by some other overlanders that these guys did a valve tuneup and a wash, polish and wax here. we badly needed a wash, polish and wax and it took 2 people 2 full days (about 18 hours each) but they did a great job on our rig. they pulled it out after day 1 and let us stay in their guarded and gated parking lot. it was noisy but better than getting a hotel. from top to bottom to underneath and the cab, they fully detailed the truck and removed most of the minor baja pin stripes we had incurred while driving the baja backroads. It cost $238 with tax which seemed expensive but for the time and attention to detail, we were happy with the price.

Lowen's RV Park

we stopped in here for a night en route to the US from copper Canyon. The family was very welcoming and let us dry camp for free. He mentioned they don't have electric but only water but we didn't need anything so he said no charge. we went to the mennonite museum which was very interesting and walked across the street for pizza at Los Arcos. The pizza was cheap but nothing special.

some road noise but it quited down late at night. We heard roosters and ducks early in the morning but otherwise very peaceful.

inoffical campground at Adventure Park

we spent 2 nights here after talking to security who said it was fine to stay and safe. the gate closes around 6 and opens around 7 and there is a guard there all night. the views were great, there is good Telcel service and there are many hiking and biking trails nearby. plus the adventure park is right out your door. bathrooms during park hours, many vendors to get food at and the restaurant in the park. very quiet at night. the vendors start setting up around 7 AM each morning.

Batopilas River Side

Easy to get here and close to town. cell service is sketchy (minimal data 2G, but texts worked) as is the free wifi. We asked the police and they said anywhere in or near town is safe and no issues. ot was quiet and peaceful considering how close to town square we were.

No bridge

Take the road to the south, cross the river twice and avoid the North route until the bridge is complete. it's only a couple more km and there is no way to cross at the North. At this time of year, the water was only about a foot deep and a smooth rocky bottom to cross.

Tourist Information and view point

very helpful here. we wanted a paper map of the copper canyon and even though their software only covers the state of Sinaloa. He hand drew in his CAD program and validated with online maps the route to Urique and printed it for us. We used to get to Tubares in about 4 hours with a few stops. Very nice people in this office.

Tubares - next to church

We rolled into Tubares hoping to find a safe a secure ranch to park (knowing this was a likely destination when we didn't get out of Choix until 12:30PM. We stopped at the church and while walking around met a nice couple who invited us in to chat and we discussed the roads and routes from here North as well as what small talk we could make with our broken Spanish. They said the town is safe, parking where we did was fine and they would keep an eye on us. Nothing here, but free and safe in the midst of a long hot drive in the Copper Canyon. We got here with a 4x4 RV with good clearance, but never aired down nor used 4x4. It took about 4 hours with a handful of stops.

Hotel Montesclaros

We drycamped here for 100 pesos. we had wifi in the courtyard and access to a couple of bathrooms until about 9 PM and again around 5 AM. Nothing but a dirt lot, but some sun or shade and Clemetine was super nice and gave us directions to the malecon which leads to old town and is only a couple blocks from her hotel. she kept an eye on the truck (and it was in a gated area while we were gone for about 5 hours exploring town. there was no one in the hotel so we had the place to ourselves (it's off season).


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