Date Place Comment
Soldotna, parking by Fred Meyer supermarkt

Fine place to park for the night, plenty of other campers here.

Matanuska River campground

$20 for non electric sites, $30 with power. The lower loop is quieter and in the trees for both tents and RVs. In the airport flight path but not too many planes.


Dump station is open. Non potable water there. The potable water is on the back side of the building with a blue sign affixed to the wall above the spigot that says Potable Water.

Matanuska River

Clearly marked with no camping signs. We went over to the River campground. $20.

near to the battery hiking

Nice parking area to overnight, plenty of room for several vehicles. Awesome view. Seals and whales just offshore. Road quieted down after 7pm. Rocky beach. Close to trailhead. The biker campground is just up the road back toward town.

Alaska Highway Prophet River Airfield

This is a nice spot. The work camp is gone. Easy access off highway. Some highway noise but nothing bad and out of view from it. Tons of flat places to choose. Walking the airstrip is pleasant. There is a trail to the river.

Lower Stemwinder

Nice quiet spot in a small meadow, the little hill blocks any road noise. The air smells great and there is weak LTE service here.

Shell Gas Station

Good place to get water. The fill is next to the air. We asked first and they said fine.

Pillar and Shoshone Falls Epic cliff

Beautiful spot, all as described. Quiet, lovely views.

Upper Pahranagat Lake

Neat and new campground as described, easy to get to. Sites are cute, large enough for any rig. Nice walking trails and scenery. You can walk from the campground to the visitor center. The campground is right next to the highway and there is a fair amount of road noise. Dumpster and pit toilets

I-8 W. Rest Area, MM-108

Convenient place to dump, fill with fresh water ( there is a spigot on the stone wall that forms the area for the trash bins right at the dump station) and it's free.

Rocky camp near San Nicolas

Enjoyed our 3 night stay here. Quiet except for the waves, great views, well off the road. Water too rough for swimming. When we arrived, the man who lives in the house just north came down to the rocks and sat for a bit drinking a beer, then went back up to his house. We waved, he waved back. We biked south to El Pulpito and hiked up to the top of the volcanic rock on a nice trail. The protected rocky cove on that side is beautiful and good for swimming. You can see this big rock mountain from this campspot. It is 9 miles one way and a good bike ride although you cross a few beaches. At lowish tide you can bike the beach sections on firm sand which is really nice. We biked north to San Sebastian which is 5 miles one way. The road is rocky, hilly but pretty. There's nothing really at San Sebastian other than some shade from the palms and a few run down buildings and then someone's house. The road to get to this campspot from the main highway is in good condition overall.

La Picazon

Small family run restaurant with great food. Open 12-5 every day except Sunday.

Cliffside Camping above the beach

Nice spot with access to the beach. At low tide you can walk for miles in either direction.

Road: no bridge

Just did this road yesterday on a 250cc on/off motorcycle. Did it to see the area and to scout out if it would be possible to get our expedition RV through. Decided not to give it a go with the truck, this section would be a bit tricky with a larger truck, even with 4x4, high clearance and lockers. A Jeep would be in it's element though and there looked to be several places to camp if you want. This road was a section of the Baja 1000 this year.

Aqua Fitness

This is a good place to get water. They have a long hose for RV tank fills and the staff person was really friendly and conversational. It is on a one way street but the hose should reach wherever you need it to. The price is reasonable, less than other places we've filled up.

Marea Hotel & Public Parking Lot

Stayed here for 2 nights and really liked this spot. It is in front of a hotel but we believe a public lot. Fishermen use the waterfront. An active Navy ship is moored nearby. It is quiet except for barking dogs and a little traffic but is at the end of a road. A few restaurants in easy walking distance. We walked to the malecon from here and also did a whale shark tour while parked here. There are trash cans.

Fruteria El Hiny

Nice fruit and vegetables. The freshest and the largest selection in La Ribera.

"Orange Road"

We camped very near to this spot last night pulled off the road in a sandy spot. There was trash around and a view of the mountains. The road is has lots of views and appears to have had a lot of work done on it to make it wider, good for 2wd except for washboard. We have a 12 ton overland truck and could drive well past halfway from east to west on this road before it gets too rough and narrow. Then it's best for a Jeep or similar. This is a popular road to bicycle on and we saw several. While camped last night at about 9 pm, a lady started beeping her horn and calling to us at our door. When we opened it she said the Buddha camp just down the road owns all of this and we're illegally camped on private property, alongside the road in what is best described as an old construction turnaround area. She said it was 500 pesos to stay overnight. We said that number was quite unreasonable and gave her 200 which she took and left saying we had to leave first thing in the morning. Then she said if we were interested we could come down to the Buddha establishment. We left to find friendlier places because we've been in Baja long enough to know that this is unusual and inappropriate.

Paid Parking Lot

Large parking lot that is ok to stay overnight per parking attendant. We paid $100 pesos, in at 330pm and ok till morning. Right in town, close to everything, no more noise than you'd expect from a city parking lot. The city offers free wifi in 30 minute increments, just turn on your wifi!

Los Frailes

This is a nice spot. At first it might seem sort of stark, just an arroyo but you can pull up pretty close to the water if you have 4wd, the beach is nice for walking at low tide when sand is firm, the snorkeling is pretty nice by Baja standards at the north end of the beach and on around the point. If you're a strong swimmer and you continue beyond the point to a solitary rock formation there is a sea lion colony there where you can swim with them. At the north end of the beach there is a marked trail to the summit of the hill that affords great views.

Playa Miramar - Northern edge of Cabo Pulmo

Pretty place, easy to drive into, quiet. Trash bins but probably wouldn't use them. There's nothing to snorkel on here but the water is nice. While swimming we could hear the humpback whales communicating. We walked to the lighthouse on the point around low tide which takes 4 hours return.

Planta Purificadora 'Water King'

Great place to get water. It is very quiet, easy to pull up to, they have a metered hose for filling RV's and friendly staff.

Desert view

Pulled in here for an easy overnight. Pretty desert except too bad about all the trash. Quiet, easy to get to.

Playa punta piedrita

Pretty, quiet beach around the point from Sanispac. From here you don't hear the trucks from the highway. 200 pesos for a palapa. Garbage and bucket toilet available. You can walk a ways north to the point that you can see in the distance. The afternoon winds can kick up here. If you're going kayaking out to the islands it is best in the morning. Enjoyed this place and it is more attractive on land than Sanispac in our opinion.

Small beach. Good stop over.

This is a really nice spot, easy to get to, expansive dunes, right by the water, lots of places to park up, quiet.

Desert cactus beautiful wildcamp

Cool spot in the pretty desert, easy to get to, big enough for several vehicles, some trash, nice boulders. We biked 10 miles down the road and really there weren't any spots as roomy or as pretty as this one. The biking was ok, some parts are sandier than others so a good leg workout.

Easy Desert Cactus Campsite

Easy road to pull off highway and find a beautiful place to camp. The road is in good condition and you don't need to go very far to find an open space to park up. Quiet and nice walking on the road among pretty cactus. We didn't have cell service here.

Plantade Agua Purificada

Great place to get water especially for filling RV tanks. Easy to pull up to. Hose right outside, long. Fair price.

Rancho la Bellota

We paid a second visit to Raul's ranch having visited in May and brought our friends along too to show them this special place. We emailed Raul first to ask permission. Again we were greeted with open arms from himself and his staff. He says " bad roads bring good people" although the road isn't too bad, especially with 4x4. Part of the adventure. There is a large, level area to park up in and the caretaker Alberto, opened up the bathroom/ shower for us to use. He is fun to talk with and practice Spanish with. I gave him a piece of pecan pie and he gave me a thumbs up. We went horseback riding, had dinner, tequila tasting, walked the grounds and enjoyed visiting with Raul, his friendly dogs and his guests. In return, we splurged on a bottle of tequila and tipped each staff member. This is a unique and special place, a highlight of a Baja trip and Raul is just plain a great guy. He has a wealth of info to share with other overlanders and a passion for it and his country.


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