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Parking Galicia

Covered garage / parking / lavadero without height limit closed to hardware and spare parts stores. When parked here to prepare for our shipment. Height not an issue for our 3.5m high truck. Nice staff. They have a clean toilet. No showers or other amenities but extremely convenient.

parking Buenos-Aires CLOSED

Parking not available anymore!! There is a construction site.


Quiet night at the back at the station. Safe. Hot toilets work well, showers and toilets are dirty but manageable for one night. The most expensive gas we came across in Argentina.


Laundry, A$ 130 per load. They accept payment with credit card. Delivered at 19:00 and collected at 10:00 next morning, washed dried and folded. Kind people.

Humpback Whales

We have seen at least a dozen humpback whales in groups of 2-3, apparently mating just at the beach, close to shore, a few meters from the road in July! Beautiful!

Rio Pichi Traful Free Camping Area

As described. Amazing in winter too. We were alone here on the last days on June.

Bus station parking lot

All campgrounds were closed when we were in San Martin end June. We tried at hostel parking lots but no one seemed keen to let us park for a reasonable amount. At the visitor center we were informed about parking at the bus station parking lot. We parked on the concrete parking next to a playground as it was raining and the bus parking was quite muddy. We spent a good night and were not bothered by anyone. There is a bar for coffee and empanadas inside the bus terminal. The toilet is a bit run down but it was kept clean when we were here. During the day we parked at the central square. Not ideal but it worked okay, and for free. Free internet from bus terminal too at decent speed. We even downloaded movies from Netflix.

Camping Parque La Poza Pucon

Nice friendly caretaker. Facilities with potential but toilets and kitchen not clean. Perhaps closer to high season it improves? We were the only ones around. 6000p pp without negotiations. Internet very week. Apparently hot water available 24/7. We will test it tomorrow morning.

Alma Nativa hostel parking lot

Not sure what happened to this place, but when we were here there was no hot water or internet. No other guests either. Very run down, a bit messy and dirty. The kids taking care of the place were very nice and did not charge us for parking overnights guy since the place was not functioning properly.

Claro Shop

Shop in a small mall where to buy internet chip. Rip off prices in comparison with the rest of South America, but what can we do? 3000p for chip + 5000p for 4GB with Claro. There are other providers here too.

Estacionamiento (parking) "Kiara"

Asked for 30,000 pesos for 24 hours! Yes, more than 50 USD! Of course we did not stay. The woman working there did not my pregnant wife to use the toilet either! Avoid if you can! The other parking 50m away charges 9000 and Frederico, the attendant was very nice!

YPF MegaParador Perdriel South Mendoza

The best of this place is the restaurant on site, La Barrica. Amazing steak + wine at a very reasonable price. Great service too! We thoroughly enjoyed!

Posada Cavieres Wine Farm

Beautiful place, but at $500 for two (not negotiable) we didn’t stay.

MICHELIN Service, Break, Tires

Top service at good price. 930 pesos for one morning of work in my tires and breaks

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena

We found it as very okay place to stop for one night or two at this time of the year. We have been here during the week so cannot comment about weekends. Good price ($110 for 2+truck), spacious, electricity, clean, very hot and unlimited time shower, safe. It has the biggest pool I ever seen, but empty at this time. We saw staff early morning collecting the garbage, cleaning the toilets, doing rounds for security. Yes, it need some serious refurbishment but despite the poor and simple condition of the facilities the place is kept mostly clean. We would return.

Vehicle Wash

60 bolivianos to wash and ‘fumigate’ chassis, which is to be made PRIOR driving to the salar. The called fumigation is washing, the application of a an unknown protective powder, then oil. This is to protect chassis from the salt when driving the salar. Then, AFTER returning from from the salar you can have the full washing for 80 bolivianos. We drove around town and they seemed to be the most professional in town. A third chassis washing after leaving Uyuni (most of the washing fresh water is still a bit salty) is recommendable if you love your rig.

Hotel Wilkamayu

This is another opening for the Hotel Wilkamayu. The hotel itself is very nice but we came in with our trucks and parked on their safe parking at the back of the property. The parking is gravel, but the hotel is nice, with garden, etc. They opened a bathroom with hot shower (superb) for us. This is a perfect spot between Puno and Ollotaytambo. 10 soles per person.

Finca Sommerwind

Great place to spend a few days enjoying Hans hospitality. The place is by the lake so there is a great place to jog or to circle around the lake. Nice overlander meeting point. Try the breakfast, the bread and jams prepared by Hans. Probably one of the nicest campgrounds we been to along the Panamerican.

Montagas GLP (Propane plant)

Worked for us for our USA bottle 12 pounds bottle. Can park just at the gate, by the security booth. Manager must authorize. Be aware manager goes out for lunch between 12-14:00.


Huge truck service, very knowledgeable professional. Authorized service of IVECO, CASE, INTERNATIONAL, but they can do ANY TRUCK. With their facilities it seems there is nothing they can’t do. They open @ 07:45. Suggest arriving early, so you can have priority.

Motel El Rancho

Clean and decent place to for a stop over in or out of Medellin. Double bed bedrooms with AC and private bathroom. Good WiFi, fridge and Cable TV. They have a good parking for big rigs. No height limit. We paid 40k pesos for a room but she started asking 60. Negotiate.

Hotel Casa Vieja

As described, no signs. High walls, tall gate and secured parking for our 6.5x2.2x3.5m rig. Comfortable and clean rooms with AC. We paid 35,000, but they started asking 50,000. The owner, Alfredo, eventually came by to say hello and was very friendly. We recommend.


They open @ 7:30. Look for Diana, she is the one to start the process and later to inspect the vehicle with you. Immediately after starting the process with Diana go see Guadalupe next door at Association Portuária to apply for your port entry permit. You will have to write a letter. She will give you a template, and you can type at an Internet cafe across the street. Without the permit you can not inspect your vehicle. Follow the steps as described in the previous post.

ARL Sura Seguros

Obtained SOAT with vehicle Title and Passport only. No need TIP. One month for a 5.5t truck: 63,600 Colombian pesos. Whole process 10 min + bank payment + 10 mins. Bank in the Ocean commercial center a couple of blocks away.

DIJ Vehicle Inspection

Attention, as we were told by our agent to arrive between 7 and 7:30 and although we were there at 6:50 there were no more places (25) available for the inspection. It was Fri and we were initially told to return on Mon. Then talking to the officials we were told that considering we were in transit they would do our vehicle after all others were done. Perhaps you would like to avoid that arriving at 6:30

Va&Ven / Terpel Gas Station

Brand new Terpel station with WiFi, showers, clean toilets and 24 hours restaurant. It is perfect for a night on your way to Panama City, and for free! The nearest established campground a couple km ahead charges $20 and is a dump. Much better here. Park on the back next to the lorries for less road noise, although still somehow bothersome. We slept well and felt safe.

Panama Camping RV park

We negotiated $15 for 2 people for 3 days. Location is good as one can walk to town. They have a nice coffee and bakery on site, which seems to be owners focal point of attention. It just opened and is not more than a parking lot with full services at this stage. There are no trees or bushes, and some materials from construction are still on site. Loud Labrador and roosters just behind the parking spots in an adjacent property.

Cascata del Bosco

As described, same deal, great place, friendly owner. Good food, try the pork ribs slow cooked. We have seen a beautiful toucan. Free if you have a meal per day at the restaurant.


Update when entering Panama: Park the vehicle at the Panama sheltered building and get the insurance BEFORE immigration. We cued for immigration first and they sent us to get the insurance first.

Hotel Puerto Real

As described. It is still shabby and pool still out of service. Fast internet tough. We paid 750 for a double bed room with breakfast as we were tired. Would stay somewhere else if there were other options.


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