Id Name Country Category
39472 El Pochote Mexico Wild Camping Show
39473 Ajijic lake access Mexico Wild Camping Show
39474 Corazon de Malta Mexico Restaurant Show
39475 El Comal Express Mexico Restaurant Show
39476 Asedero Mi Ranchito Mexico Restaurant Show
39477 "Dusty Chicken" Mexico Restaurant Show
39479 Tepalo trail head Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
39507 Sendero El Caracol Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
39802 Flea Market "Mercado Municipal" Mexico Restaurant Show
39803 Valle de Juárez "Juárez valley" Mexico Informal Campsite Show
48823 Gigante Auto Parts, Awnings sold here!! Costa Rica Mechanic and Parts Show
52208 Attempted Robery, unsafe neighborhood Colombia Warning Show
52209 Agua Pura Colombia Water Show
52212 La Divisa Finca Camping Colombia Established Campground Show
52955 100% pure honey, miel de abeja Ecuador Shopping Show
52956 Más Gas Ecuador Fuel Station Show
53660 AN101 not passable Peru Warning Show
54856 Slow Dirt Road Peru Warning Show
60196 Tire repair Chile Mechanic and Parts Show
74727 Crescent Moon Ranch United States Tourist Attraction Show

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