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Mono Lake 2

Nothing here. Mono lake is over 100 miles from this location.

Crescent Moon Ranch

Alpaca Farm. Authentic alpaca goods, some imported from Peru and Bolivia, but they also sell their own yarn. Fun for all ages, pet and feed the Alpacas. They also sell farm fresh eggs.

Tire repair

Great tire repair spot. Prices are fair, and work is done correct. After 4 failed attempts to fix our tire. These guys spent the time to do it right!

America del sur Hostel

This place is AWESOME! Super helpful and kind staff, clean comfy and warm. We slept outside in our van, we had to level using some firewood. They'll let you shower for free, but there's a tip jar there, so make sure they keep liking overlanders (tip them). Another option is for $6us (120 ar) per person you can have internet, kitchen use, indoor hangout, and breakfast... it's totally worth it. Didn't ask about plugging in, but we did get 40 liters of sweet sweet water! They do nightly asados, that are delicious!! Patagonian lamb was $300ar per person, comes with salad and vino.

Raices de Chiloè

This place is permanently closed.

Base Camp

Beer on tap!!! Friendly staff. 3000 for a tap beer, a bit pricy, but worth it!

Slow Dirt Road

60km of potholes shaking the hell out of your vehicle. During rainy season the road is very slick. If headed to Tacna take alternate route if you want to get anywhere fast. Beautiful countryside to be seen but not worth it.

AN101 not passable

We got stuck here for 55+ hours in our AWD van. Washed out, severe ruts and impossible to go back due to mud. Do not take this road, in any kind of rig! There is no way through to the other end due to waist-deep ruts and landslides. This was in rainy season, but any other time of year this would still be impossible. We met a cyclist coming from the south on this road and he said it was only wide enough for him and his bike in some parts.

MAFRE Seguros main office in town

Just updating wrong info. They still sell insurance

MAFRE Seguros main office in town

30 days for a chevy express cost us 90 soles. Good, fast, friendly service. Be careful if using, it will try to send you the wrong way on a one way street. First place we found for SOAT coming from La Balsa. We got pulled over once, explained our situation, and the super nice police officer told us to drive safely to this office.

Más Gas

Haz gaz. Cash only. Good place to refuel after burning up gas going up and down Chimborazo.

100% pure honey, miel de abeja

Honey and pollen sold here. $5 honey $10 pollen. Local, and super nice people. Approach the blue 2 story house on the left side of the road. Approach with caution, there is a dog and he's there to protect his family. Sweet people and sweet honey. To exit, make a u turn and head out the same way you came in.

La Divisa Organic Finca

Great spot!!! This marker is on the road toward the finca. Finca also allows camping. See other pin marked for camping for more info.

La Divisa Finca Camping

Beautiful, small coffee finca and "organic, natural, sustainable, biodynamic" farm. Very friendly, energetic owner Javier and his lovely wife will welcome you with open arms and a cup of coffee. Javier speaks very clear Spanish and is easy to understand. He says you can camp wherever, but there's plenty of level space for 3 or so rigs right at the entrance. No height restrictions, but narrow road to get there. No 4x4 required. Camping was quoted at 20,000 COP p/p, but I'm sure it's negotiable. He does a tour of his finca for 20,000 p/p as well. His tour is better than visiting any Botanical Garden! If you do the tour, he might not charge you for camping. He also sells roasted coffee grown here, 15,000 COP for 500grams. There is a clean bathroom outside with toilet seat and TP, even soap and a hand towel! Water from the tap (agua de la llave) is not potable, but "boiled you can drink it." Also, the finca has 8 friendly dogs. Wifi is available

Hostal Cóndor de los Andes

Great Spot!!! 80.000cp mid week 90.000cp weekend for a private room with private bath, breakfast included. Electric shower heads for hot shower. Great courtyard to relax and birdwatch. Parking is on dead end quiet street in front. Good strong wifi, friendly host, clean rooms, new bathrooms. Great views over the canyon. Motos can most likely wheel inside.

Mi Refugio

Medium at best, and expensive for what you get. I know it's a more expensive little city, but still... We arrived, gates were closed and locked, we rang the bell, hung out for 20 min, no one came. We walked around for 45 min, and came back to police writing our license plates down, but open gates and a place to park.Showers are electric shower heads that work just OK. Parking area is small, and a bit uneven. Slept well, just nothing special especially at the price. 20,000pp bargained down to 18,000pp.

Agua Pura

3,000 COP for 20 liters of potable water. The owners live upstairs and said they are open everyday, you just have to knock on their door around the side of the building and they will help you. Large parking area with easy access. No height restrictions.

Las Cabanas y Camping

Price is now 10,000 pp., includes electricity. Shower was warmish with an electric shower head in the women's bathroom only. Owner offered to organize a guide to hike the trail, cheaper than price in town. Guides are required, we were told tourist police will stop you from hiking without one. No dogs allowed on trail. We did not do the hike.

Attempted Robery, unsafe neighborhood

We had time to kill, so figured we would try and take some public transport to our airbnb while we wait for our van. It dropped us here. While trying to get a taxi or an uber, a kid ran up and tried to grab our cell phone. We chased him off, and some locals helped us to GET OUT. We were told by police, very bad neighborhood. Don't drive thru here looking for a camp place. It's not safe. Stay on the main road.

Hostal Amador Familiar

Loved it here. Stayed night before flying out of Panama Pacifico airport (BLB) which is 10km away. Very quite location within Panama City. Close to DIJ/police inspection for shipping vehicles. GREAT (silent) air conditioning. Hot showers (not even necessary in Panama!). Nice outside & inside common area. Big communal kitchen. FREE breakfast included! Good wifi. Laundry on site. Airport shuttle available for $15. We got a double bed in a large room with TV and private bathroom on for $30. Wonderful staff. Wished we found this place before spending 4 nights at the Va&Ven gas station (also pretty nice!).

Panama City Inspection De Vehicule

vehicle inspection is in Panama city.

Panama City Inspection De Vehicule

vehicle inspection is in Panama city.

cañon macho de monte

The gate was closed and locked at 6pm when we arrived. After speaking with locals who said it was safe, we parked and slept on the grass in front of the gate. Enough room for a couple rigs. In the morning several cars showed up with people visiting the canyon and river just down the road. Great cool temps! Free.

Gigante Auto Parts, Awnings sold here!!

Nice auto and motor parts store. They sell LEDs, Awnings, OBD2 readers, and much more. super helpful, and clean bathrooms.

Villas vista Masaya plus camping

Yep, still a great spot. not much around as far as stores, so plan a couple of meals. Tuktuk to town is between 15c and 30c if you need to pick something up. Pool is wonderful and clean! Great views of the surrounding area. Quiet and cool at night. If you're sleeping in a tent, there seems to be plenty of level space. 300c/vehicle, laundry is 120c per load, no dryer. Dolores estadounidences also accepted.

Fausto Ramon

As described, Fausto and his family are great!!! Tour was well worth it, and the Gallo Pinto prepared by his family was a great meal after a day in the canyon. Just ask, they prepared a meal for us at c60 per person.

Fausto does have WhatsApp, and will respond quickly. Use the free internet in the building at the Nicaraguan boarder crossing.

Fausto wanted us to emphasize that he has a safe place for travelers at any time of the night. Just roll in, park on the left, sleep well, and you will be greeted in the morning with a warm smile.

The canyon tour was excellent! Clean and cold water is so refreshing on a sunny day. Highlight of Nica for us!


Rancho San Nicolas

Looked nice enough, as described, however no internet anymore. Bathrooms were pretty dirty and at $150pp per night, it wasn't worth it.

Trailer Park Hotel

Don't do it. After we settled on 100mxp per night for 6 days, in writing even, they came by and told us the price does not include days, and was only the price for nights. They wanted us to pay another 100mxp for the day time. We told them we would leave if they wanted more money and we asked for a refund. They finally let us stay at the previously agreed upon price because they were not willing to give us any money back. Zoomba classes next door start at 6:00am and end at 10:00pm, very loud. They are building a hotel on-site, so there is a work crew there all day. The 2nd day we were there they began construction on the bathroom and we were left without toilets. Go to Arcotete, or grab an Airbnb. This place is no good.

Cerro Chumil

Would not recommend. First gate you come to, go right through, shut it behind you. Take dirt road to the right, that's where the eco-camp is/was. 2nd gate to the camp was locked with no signs of life. Pool looked half drained and not taken care of. Did not appear to have been in use recently. There's an OK spot to park just before the first gate. We were warned by a guy on a bike that it might not be safe there. We headed down the road to a nice Pemex.

Morrill RV Park

Great place in Guanajuato!!! Wonderful people! This is a parking lot with many flat spaces. People do come and go a bit because it is also rented to locals for long term car storage. It's a safe spot. Nice hot showers (the men's shower had reversed caliente and frío). Clean restrooms, toilet seats!!!, Beautiful view, and hookups worked well. In a gmc savana we had no issues thru the city as directed by gps, anything bigger, take the Panorámica. The canyon is like a guitar filled with dogs. They do quiet down late in the evening, but earplugs might be handy.

$150MXP/night. Can't wait to go back!


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