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Last Visited: 5 months ago
GPS: 6.368068, 2.493265
Altitude: 24.4 masl
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Got our congo-brazza visa here. 1 photo and a hotel booking. Took less than an our. Visa price list attached in photo.


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Only on Mondays and Fridays. the other days you have to phone to come to open. very easy and fast ... 25,000cfa transit visa

On the form you get from the receptionist you have to write the date when you enter Congo and for how many days you want the Visa. But when we got the visa, they don't write the enter date but the departure date on the visa. (departure = enter date + valid Visa days) It is not possible to leave the country after the departure date on your Visa. So now we have to hurry to be on time. The enter date doesn't matter and can be anytime. So be careful with the dates and put your enter date much more in advance than you think, to give yourself more time to travel and don't have to hurry for no reason.

1 hour. 40.000 CFA 30 days, 2 entries. Transit Visa is only available when you have the DRC Visa.

15 days, 30.000,- CFA, 30 minutes ready. one passport picture, copy, booking.

The road to the consulate was terrible after heavy rain (deep puddles), but manageable by bike. I paid 35.000cfa for 15 days although there’s still the price list on the wall with 30.000 cfa. The officer (nice one) tried to explain why, I didn’t get the point. Asked for receipt... Answer: „no paper for the receipt“. Finally they found some paper. Anyway I waited for the visa approx. 30 minutes. They asked for passport copy, hotel reservation, 1 photo. Easy procedure.

Also - forgot to mention that the 15 day visa can be used any time in the next 3 months. They ask for a date of entry on the application form but our visa just says expires 20.7.2019. The 15 day count down starts upon entry into the country.

Bought 15 day visa for 30,000 CFA. You need to fill in an application form, provide 1 passport photo, a photocopy of your passport and provide a hotel booking (we were able to email the hotel booking to them). Currently preparing our visas as we wait.

40,000 CFA for one month single entry. Required one photo and one hotel booking. Processed in 30 minutes.

It is only open on monday and friday, but if you go another day, you can call to +229 64039358 and a very nice woman will do the visa for you at the same moment. 10 minutes. BUT you have to go to her home. Don’t worry of you see her on the street with a small shop sellong powder mill an similar stuff. The problem is that sincw the embassy is only open 2 days now their workers have to search other jobs to get some money. But she has all the necessary to do the Visa.

Easy visa 1 photo & hotel booking 40,000 CFA for 1 month. 5000 CFA for secretary for express service ! Done instantly.

Instant and friendly, same prices now as in the attached picture

Easy visa. Took one hour. 50.000 for a double entry and a hotel booking. You can drive with a moto taxi there. 700.

Got our congo-brazza visa here. 1 photo and a hotel booking. Took less than an our. Visa price list attached in photo.