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Last Visited: 6 months ago
GPS: 4.996280, 8.323820
Altitude: 56.4 masl
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* Update: opens at 10 am *

You should be able to get your Cameroon visa here on the same day without hassle.

We did not try it out ourselves as we already got our visas in Abuja.


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You need a fake plain Ticket! Ferry/Boat ticket isn't allowed. They said it's not allowed to cross the border to Cameroon. But we did.

Paid 34600 Naira (84€) for 3 months visa.
Ticket ferry still required. But, just as a temptative, try to say you are going to a north border (Gembu, Garoua....). Consul said situation is quiet up there, maybe a ferry ticket is not needed :)

Was only asked for 3 photos, 3 passport photo copies and my ferry ticket, so be sure to buy ticket before you go to embassy (foot passenger: 23,000 naira plus 10,000cfa - ticket man will change your naira into cfa). Also had to write a sentence asking for the visa. Then had an interview with the Consul which was a friendly chat. Waited 2 hours there for visa to be ready. They ask for it to be paid in cfa but i paid some in naira and some in cfa - total cost 57,000cfa, 3 months, single entry from date i asked for. Staff and consul very friendly and welcoming with advise about where is safe and where is not in Cameroon at the moment.

Got my visa today. 3 month single entry visa that starts on the date I requested. Took a few hours. Needed 3 photocopies of passport. 3 photos. Photocopy of yellow fever and a hotel booking. Deal breaker was the flight or ferry ticket. I went and bought a ferry ticket as a foot passenger. Cost me 21 000 Naira at today's rate, worked out at $58. Visa cost 51 000 CFA plus 5000 CFA processing fee. I gave them a mixture of West and Central African CFA. Also needed to write a letter to the consul explaining what I was doing. The dude was nice and it was an easy process.

As of this date, the Consul here is still refusing to issue tourist visas unless you prove to him that you are taking the ridiculously expensive ferry. He was very friendly and seemed genuine in his concern for my safety, however his refusal forced me to drive more than 1000 extra kilometres up to Abuja and miss crossing the border with friends who already had visas from Cotonou (thanks to the Nigeria visa scam happening there). Definitely recommend calling ahead or otherwise confirming that visas are being issued again.

Easy application, just 2 pics needed and was done on the spot (max 15 minutes, we came in the afternoon).
Requested a 3 month visa and multiple entry, the lady asked 75k CFA. After we said we thought it was 55k she said ok for 65k. We even had eastern CFA but it made no difference to the price

Probably the easiest and quickest visa on the whole transafrican tour! Hand in 2 pics, fill out one form., no copies of passport needed. We could wait in the office while visa was issued (15 minutes). Price is still 55.000 Western CFA per person. Easiest way to pay visa fee is, if you bring CFA... other currency's (also US Dollars) are not really wanted.

fast and easy but get cfa money!! we only had dollars and had to pay 25 dollar extra!!

The lady told me that I either need 51.000 eastern CFA or (I guess because she saw me only carrying western CFA) 55.000 of those. very simple, could wait in the office till Visa was ready.

6 June 2017
Dutch residents

Opened at 10 AM.
They need your passports and 2 passphotos.

It's strange because the exchange rate is bad right now so the lady told us in CFA it is now CFA 55 000,- per person.

We asked for 60 days and a double entry and she said the price remained the same.

Because the ambassador was at a meeting we applied at 10 AM and could pick up the visa at 1 PM.

Easy process.

Super quick, friendly lady. Had ours in 15 minutes (depends how many people are waiting). Still 51,000 Western CFA. Two photos is all that is required - one easy form to complete. 30 days from issue given.

Paid with West African CFA with no questions or dramas. 51,000CFA. It was prepared while we waited, took about 45 minutes.

Very fast and easy. We only had to fill in one form each and handle in two photographs. No passport photocopies were required. Very important to know! It's 51000 cefa if you pay in that currency. We only had nigerian naira which they accepted but on a very bad exchange rate so we paid almost double. When asked for a receipt they made one with the price in cefa on it and got angry when we asked them to correct it to naira. They told us that they don't accept them and only did us a "favor". At the end they wanted to give the money back and send us to exchange money on the black market so we eventually gave up. If you want to pay in euro it's 80€ which is only about 10 euros more expensive.

Open, around 10 the "important people" come. I needed 3 photos, two filled out forms and 51000 CFA (XOF) for a 90 day visa.

You should get your visa here on the same day without hassle. Did not try it out ourselves as we already got our visas in Abuja.