Embassy of the Republic of Congo (Lome) | Consulate / Embassy



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GPS: 6.201217, 1.249173
Altitude: 45.7 masl
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The embassy is reached via a rough track in an area where you would not expect a diplomatic representation to be located. They issue visas while you wait and the date of entry can be chosen freely. A 30 day double entry visa costs 90.000 CFA. Two passport photos, passport copy and copies of at least 3 African visas are necessary as well as completing one application form.


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The Congo Ambassy moved to N06°12.070 E001°14.950

The Congo Ambassy moved to N06°12.070 E001°14.950

New location.
Visa 40 000 CFA
Form, 2 pictures, copy of Togo visa and hotel booking confirmation. Next day.

The Republic of Congo "embassy" was sketchy beyond belief!!! We're actually not sure it was legit, so ultimately we left. No signage on the building inside or out, no security, you enter through the garage and go up to a room with nothing but a table on the third floor. 3 young men in very casual clothes swarmed around us and gave us the form. A sheet of blank visa stickers and a calendar sat on the table, but no log book The guys quoted us 90,000 CFA for a 1 month visa (40,000 in Benin) and insisted there weren't any shorter visas than 1 month. They refused to show us a price sheet when I asked to see it. When we decided to leave the price suddenly came down to 60,000. It's quick, but I would NOT recommend getting your visa here!

It’s a brown/yellow building, you may see the flag on the 3rd floor. They said 90.000cfa for one month and 60.000cfa for 15 days. We said we need one month but we had only 60.000.- and after insist the did it in 10 minutes. They ask only 1 photo, no hotel booking may be because we said we have a camping car.

They open at 9am. As i was there too early i called abd they came asap. So i got the visa at 8:45 as it only takes 15min. I asked for 15 days single entry, paid 60‘000 and got without asking 30 days double entry.
Very easy and relaxed

we payed 60.000 pp for 30 days double entry. It took ten minutes to negotiate because first they want 90.000. Just stick to the 60.000 and they will give in. I showed them also the list of the Italian mafia guy :) but they made a new one with much bigger prizes and showed it to us. easy visa done at the spot. you still need one photo, three copies of other African visas and fill in the application forms.

Okay these guys will rip you off no matter how hard you argue. I guess they just put a price depending on how much you look like you're going to pay.
First when we asked for a 15 day visa they said there were none left and we had to take a 30 day for 90k, and we called him out on that because he is the one writing how long you stay.
So we got 15 day single entry for 60 000, and still after a lot of discussion he didn't put the price down.. Even showed the price list from the Italian guy further down. However he put 30 days double entry for the same price (although we didn't need it), but still happy we didn't have to pay 90k like a lot of other people here.

Least professional embassy we've been to, the guys working there were just some 25-30 year old guys hanging around, funny though, had a good laugh with them. One of the guys even showed us around town and introduced me to a good barber so I could cut my hair.

now 2ce more expensive. even after bargeting. first thee asked 90000 for 5 days. after conferstation we saw!"official paper" with 90000 for 15 days. but still there comes extra 5000 if you want it same Day. else they Let you wait for aan week.

Easy visa procedure. Went there at 9 am and left with the visa at 9:30. needed 1 photo and 1 form filled out. We also had a hotel booking. They copied the rest they needed, which were 3 copies of other African visa, e.g. the Togo visa. First they wanted to charge us for 1 month tourist visa 90.000 CFA, but we told them, that we know the real price is 40.000 CFA. We managed to get a 1 month, single entry visa for 60.000 CFA.

The prices the 2 asked at the beginning are the same you write here. But after some "magic games" I could see the paper with the real prices. They are: 5days-25.000F...15days-30.000F...30days-40.000F....60days-50.000F. I got 60days for 50.000F. These are the real prices!!!! The name of the guy is Axel Bikari. how I can get it? Italian mafia ;-) follow me on my fb page, ciao!

90.000 CFA, 30 days, two entries

You can choose the dat of entry

- passport copy
- copy of any other three African visas
- passport photo
- hotel booking

You get your visa after some minutes. Easy and friendly.
We talked about soccer, always helps 😉

No signs what so ever, but up on the 3rd of 4th floor of an apartment looking building with a double garage on the bottom. It is opposite the clinic with the penis' painted on the wall. They saw us and came to bring us in. Let us park the 2 bikes in the garage. Great guys. Really easy.
Needed 1 passport photo, passport photocopy and a photocopy of 3 other African visas. There is a photocopy shop kitty corner from the embassy so that was easy. 90,000CFA for 1 month. Apparently there isn't a shorter duration option. They only took CFA. No Euro or USD accepted.
We didn't have a hotel booking but they just added Hotel Hippocamp in Brazzaville.
Whole process took an hour. Was a great experience.

Dutch residents 29 May 2017;
CFA 60 000 per person for 15 days.
They need:
- 1 passphoto
- 1 hotelbooking
- 1 passportcopy

They'll put the visa in immediately.
Top floor of a grey building, you can see the flag hanging.
Fast and straightforward.

We have updated the GPS location of the embassy. As in below comments, it is on the top floor of a grey building at the opposite of Oyoyo.

They have the 5 day transit visa for 50.000CFA, 15 days for 60.0000 CFA and 30 days for 90.000. They didnt show us the pricelist, but were helpfull. We choose the 15 days visa to pass from Gabon to Angola.

Easy and friendly, as described. We paid 80.000 CFA (123 Euro) for 30 Days with double Entry (German Passports). The only cheaper Option was the 5 Day Transit Visa.

We only paid 80,000 CFA each for a 30 day visa. You need to give an entry date but it's not put on the visa, it just expires 30 days after that date (so you can enter early).

Location changed a little, it's now in a flat on the top floor, looks kind of dodgy all together. You get the visa easily but 90.000 is a lot!

The place is 200 meters before. 3 floors building. You can see the flag up floor. 1 pass photo, 3 African countries visa copy and vehicle register - passport copy. They asked where you will stay because they write on the visa. 90.000 cfa :( double enter 30 days

Location updated. Grey building across Oyoyo.

90.000sefa. Very nice and helpful people.

you need photocopies of the orher african visas.

In 20 minutes everything was done.

The fee we paid was 90,000 for one month. They said there is no shorter / cheaper visa. We are not sure that it is a legit fee, since no price list or regulation has been presented, but they gave a receipt. There was no room for negotiation.

Went in armed with information from iOverlander. Asked for a 15 day visa for 60,000cfa. They said express service (instant) would cost an extra 10,000cfa. We needed the passports back to go to the Gabon embassy. After 10 minutes of milling around saying we don't have the money trying to get a break, I finally asked to see an actual price list. They couldn't show me one and eventually gave us the visas for 60,000. Took 20 minutes to process and we were on our way.

Make sure you take your 4WD if it has been raining, a bit hard to find but worth it. Gave me my visa on the spot I was there ten minutes. He helped me to fill in the application and photocopied the pages he wanted from my passport. Cost 80,000. Excellent service.

As below. 60000 cfa for 15 day 70000 for 30 day. Issued in less than half a hour. Photocopy places next door.

The embassy is reached via a rough track in an area where you would not expect a diplomatic representation to be located. They issue visas while you wait and the date of entry can be chosen freely. A 15 day single entry visa costs 60.000CFA (91,50€) and a 3 month multiple entry visa 80.000CFA (122€). Two passport photos, passport copy and copies of at least 3 African visas are necessary as well as completing one application form.