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GPS: 21.333725, -16.947112
Altitude: 20.1 masl


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Poste Frontalier Peka 55


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Everybody will give you prices in OLD ougiua and will happily receive that amount in NEW UM. The 400 um from the customs guy, the insurance, sim. I lost about 60 Euros

Entry to Mauritania, took us at least 1 hour and an half to get everything done:
Register - Visa 55€ (had to wait to find someone at the office and then he took his time because did like 10 passport at the same time)- Police. Everything a bit slow and confusing process but no problems.
Try to go early! attached photo of the visa office door.

To enter Mauritania, Arrive as early as possible. We arrive at 9am and it took us (one car, two people from France) 3hours. Don’t let your papers to anyone. The Brit in from of me got half of his carte grise stolen !

1 - You queue for Police Check
2 - You Queue for Visa - 55 euros
3 - You queue for Douane if you have a car (they just copy your Carte Grise and stamp your passport, 10€)
4 - You queue for stamps on your visa.

After that you can go. You can buy insurrance and change money right after the border !

This place is permanently closed.

Arriving from Marocco. Wait until 11am to begin the mauritanian visa (55€). For the car, you dont need to pay for the passavent : it is totally free. Do like us, ask for a receipt and the passavent becomes free because they dont want problems! Totally 4 hours and 55€. 😭 Go to Nouadhibou for the car insurance : less expensive (2000 ougiyas for 30 days for one 4*4 or 1300 for 10 days or 1700 for 20 days)!

They do not stamp the Carnet at the Border in Diama anymore. You will have to go to Dakar during 2 or 3 days. So maybe this helps you making your choice, where to go

didn't have to pay for passavant. you don't need a fixer! try the douane yourself and you might be lucky aswell

Crossing from Western Sahara to Mauretania.
Maroccan customs scanned the car. They didn't find the booze nor the drone in our car. Even though, it was annoying. They couldn't find my CIN in their system, so i had to run from one office to another...

Mauretanian customs checked the car for drugs with a dog. They found some crumbs of hash in a bag, but were just laughing about it.
Go to douane first to get your passavant (10€ or 100 dirham - „carnet de passage des douanes“ not accepted in Mauretania), before you apply for the visa. It speeds up the whole procedure.

The whole crossing took us about three hours in the afternoon.

It‘s very helpful to speak french to the officials. Super friendly on both sides.

We came from Morocco.
Morocco strait forward. When busy it will take more time to scan your vehicle.
At Mauretania fixers will be around you. You don't need one. They will point you where to go in correct order of offices. Not difficult. When busy the visa office can take long time.
When you go to the office for your passavant (€10) you can park in front but then you have to pay a parking ticket! Whoagr!! He ask 20 drh but 10 is enough. Better is to ride to police station 50 meters further and park in front. That is free.
So only you pay for visa (€55) and passavant (€10).
You can change money at good rate. Internet say 42 ug and changer gives 41 ug.
You can buy simcard and credit. But when they topup your data it is only for 5 days. Better buy in the city at the Grand Marché. There are a lot of phone shops.

went from Mauritania to Morocco with a car.
both sides easy and quick, no payments required at all. Money exchangers on Mauritanian side had a quite good exchange rate (1€=10,7MAD)

Easy border. No need for a fixed. Just be patient and friendly. You don’t have to bribe as well. 55€ for the visa, 10€ for the passavant, 1€ for parking at the douane, 24€ for the 10 day insurance (big Landrover, there are insurance for 3 days, 10 days, 20 days and 30 days).

Driving north. Very easy border. Due to ramadan the customs official only turned up at 1000. Very friendly and welcoming

Visa for 30 days 55€ or 660 Dirhams with an european passport.
Motorcycle documention to travel within the country legally for 30 days 10€.

Agree with previous post, no need for a fixer, but he was really persistent! We had to tell him like three times, that we dont need him, still wandering around. After I strictly told him I will really not pay him, he surrender. But if you need his service, hes generaly nice, young guy, but as im saying, sooo persistent. Wanted 10 Eur.

Crossing from West Sahara to Mauritania.

No need for a fixer.

Border opens at 9am.

First line up and get in with the car.
Get your passport stamped and your car checked by the douane. Very easy for us, they barely looked.
Then get to the gendarmerie, they fill in your information in a book. Then you can go through the no mans land (about 3km).

On the Mauritanian side you get first to the gendarmerie (on the left) then to get the visa (55€ for EU passport, 40€ for African passport), then get the passavant at the douane (7days for 10€), community tax to park at the douane and then the insurance.

Total of 2,5 hours, always very friendly staff and we were pretty much the only ones there so no waiting time and no need to use a fixer.

We made a update from all our border crossing on our website we went through the whole West Coast of Africa and at the moment it's updated till Namibia. Also all information about where to get visa's we posted online our website is

Poste Frontalier Peka 55