Ambassade De La Republique Democratique Du Congo | Consulate / Embassy

Democratic Republic of the Congo


Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: 6.357561, 2.394348
Altitude: 12.6 masl
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It's behind the Bar/Restaurant Livingstone.
1 month, single for 50 000 CFA. 2 forms, 2 photos and proof of funds. Very helpful and friendly staff. Usually it takes one week. We had it on spot. Transit of 7 days also possible for 16.000, this one is always instantly.


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I just came from the embassy and they tell me that if you are not a resident they do not give you a visa

Watch out !!! They give you a visa, but when you come to the border of the DRC, they refuse you !!! On this moment there is a big group of overlanders in Cameroon, Gabon, E-Guinee and Congo- Brazzaville. They all are having the same problem. We all are now busy to get a solution :-(

At the DRC border they have informed me visas issued by this office are not valid. They refused to explain why. I was denied entry even though I had this visa.

Arrived at 0930, there was a meeting, so finally submitted application at 1100. Collected at 1500. They asked about port of entry and date of arrival. 50,000 CFA same day. One photo. They also took me to a separate room and took a photo of me.

They looked through my passport and asked about other visas for entry/exit from DRC, so I explained I was travelling by motorcycle and would apply for those visas next whilst in Cotonou. No questions about sponsor or invitation letter, which I left blank on the form.

Easy visa process 1 photo and complete form at embassy. Visa processed while you wait 50,000 CFA for 1 month.

Transit Visa Single Entry 15000 CFA for 8 Days. You need to give an exact entry date, but you can entry and exit DRC in this 8 days period. So you don't have to entry DRC on the exact day you have chosen for your Visa.
1 Picture, 1 form and they took a copy of my Benin and Angola Visa.

Embassy opens at 0930, so have been there at 0930 and Visa was ready at 1200 and the embassy closed at 1300.

As described elsewhere. Provided only one photo and 50,000 CFA for a month. They were adamant that entry before the date of commencement will not be possible so choose carefully. Done while I waited although it was implied this was an exception. Others were also getting it on the spot. They asked to see all my other African visas but did not take copies. Asked about sponsor and LOI but this fizzled out after a while. Just go and try I say.

50,000 cfa. 2 photos. was not asked for anything more.

i wanted a transit visa bur had to give an exact date of entry, which is not possible for me. So i got a one month single entry visa, fircwhichvivalso had to give an exact entry date but now i can enter anytime within that month but still leave before the end of the one month visa. Staff were very helpful. received same day while i waited. Australian passport.

like described bevor, perfect service and ready in two hours

Easy. 2 photos, 2 forms. We chose the transit visa for 15000 cfa. Normal tourist single engage 1 month is 50,000

The transit visa is valid for 8 days from the date you choose. Visa was done in 2 hours.

Very quick. Same day delivery.

Transitvisa: 15000cfa but have to give exact date of entry.

Touristvisa 1month: 50.000cfa give a date and can only enter from that date onwards.

We had our touristvisa in 1hour.

very nice and professional. nice People. helped and got visum same Day. 50000sf

Easy and professional. You have to fill out 2 forms, hand in 2 pictures and pay 50.000 CFA for 1 month, single entry visa. We originally wanted the transit visa, but you have to give a fixed entry date, which we couldn't. They don't issue transit visa with flexible dates.
We went at the embassy at 11 a.m. and could pick up the visa same day at 2 p.m.

50.000 CFA, 30 days, single entry.

Only two passport photos are required. They issue the visa in about 1 hour and a half.

Easy and friendly.

There is a transit visa option (16.000 CFA, 7 days).

Embassy is at the location listed. We arrived after it closed at 4.30 and they accepted us. We didn't have CFAs either but managed to get some. 50,000CFA. 2 passport photos and copy of passport. Very easy and a huge relief.

Easy and friendly. 2 Photos, nothing else required. They copied all the Pages they wanted from the Passport. It took 2,5 Hours in total. Initially we wanted transit visas (7 Days, 16.000 CFA each) but that came with a fixed date of entry and exit. As we can't time our Route that precisely that's not feasible for us. Hence we also took the 1 Month for 50.000 CFA (77 Euro) each.

got our transit visa for 15000cfa in 3 hours. very helpful stuff. even normal Tourist visa would have eben possible without trouble. Just had to fill in 2 applicationsforms and 2 Passfotos and 15000cfa.

Still 50.000 cfa for 1 month visa, you need 2 photos. Pay in the embassy, takes about 90 minutes all together. Very friendly people.

50000 cfa, 2 pics and a few hours waiting. That's all.

Our African visa page:

My girlfriend and I both got this visa here, but due to her not obtaining a Nigeria visa, she flew to DRC directly. Her visa was refused and was told multiple reasons for refusal including not being a resident of Benin and also that the visa was illegal (which it obviously isn't). This was entering at Kinshasa airport, she was sent back to Benin. Be wary of entering DRC via any entry that is not Luozi

It's behind the Bar/Restaurant Livingstone.
Visa for 1 month 50.000 CFA at the same day.
I only needed 2 passport photos and fill out 2 application forms.
Also transit visa for 7 days available.

They were very friendly, two pictures, had to fill out two forms and needed to pay 50.000 CFA at a nearby bank for a one month visa. Officially it is a processing time of one week but they gave it too me the same afternoon, they just don't really want to publicize that too much.

1 month, single for 50 000 CFA. Deposit in a Bank. 2 forms, 2 photos and proof of funds. Very helpful and friendly staff. Usually it takes one week. We had it on spot. Transit of 8 days also possible for 15 000, this one is always instantly.