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Côte d'Ivoire
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Open from 6.30am to 6.30pm in august.

Busy border. Made to wait two hours for stamp on carnet from customs on ivory coast sise as the chief was at lunch. At least 130 to 3.

Ghanaian side we were greeted at the entrance with the news our car (right hand drive) would need to be escorted as it was illegal. Managed to get carnet stamped and this was not taken any further.

Had a transit visa. Managed to get at emergency visa at the border on the spot for 150 dollars. ouch.

Avoid if you don’t have a Carnet!!


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Ghana -> Ivory Coast
Ghanaian side stamped us out with only a little confusion over our Laissez Passez from the embassy in Cotonou (instead of a Carnet).
Ivory Coast: use the large parking area to your right. Go to the big truck inspection building and take the stairs up. It's the second or third door on the left, but just ask somebody for Carnet or vignette touristique, whatever you want to use.
For us, it turned into a difficult standoff to not pay the CFA 20k they were asking for. Everybody is involved in this little theatre play. From the big boss down to the cashier. In the end, the boss made it look like he was paying for us.
But yeah, cost us two or three hours and involved being yelled at multiple times.

From Ghana to Cote d'Ivoire.
Easy border with CPI. Took 45 min in total. No hassels. Good profesionals.
In both borders you must register the car, then imigration and customs.

Avoid if you do not have a carnet!!! They are making it impossible for you to get through without one.

They will not issue a TIP for some reason.
The only way that they are letting you through is with a bond or a bribe for 749 cedi. Refused to pay and they would not let us proceed.

We left border as it closed without the temporary Import Permit. Got turned around at customs checkpoint and was escorted back.

Have had to buy a bond for 120,00 CIFA, been here 2 days getting this sorted!!!

Use Niembe as no issues there. Tried explaining about corruption line for Country, none of them give a hoot!!

This is a rotten border where they are all in on the scam!

Ivory Coast to Ghana.
Without CPD and without bond:
After 2 hours today, one Ghana officer wanted to sell to us the "illegal" Import Temporary Vehicle (ITV) at 500$. After some negociations 350$.
We didnt accept and turned back to Ivory Coast :-(
We found the solution : the next day, we were going to Niablé at the north east and we crossed to Ghana for 55 cdis (9€)!
So please, dont play with these corupted officers and go north ;-)

Ghana to Ivory Coast
Ghana easy and quick.
Ivory Coast a nightmare with chaos, desinformation and totally unfriendly chief of customs. We have carnet but didn't want to use it because we're getting out of pages. We asked for passavant, filled up paper and we were told we have to pay 20 000 cfa. No way to convience that others are not paying. Officer saw that we have CDP so he destroyed vignette that we filled and shouted at us. No way to discuss. He were rude. We left with lost page on carnet and really pissed off.

the border works from 6.30 am to 6.30pm
. . . . .

Entering Ghana without a carnet

Since 1st may 2019 the rules changed in Ghana for ecowas registered cars. Non ecowas registered cars can enter with a carnet or with paying a bond.
But a lot of frontdesk employees have no idea that the bond is also a possibility. And this is the big problem of getting in without a carnet.

We entered Ghana thru the Elubo border without a carnet with a Belgian car and we got a TIP. How you can do this:

- When you exit Ivory Coast, wich is easy and straight forward, you drive over the bridge. On your right is the compound with immigration and customs for entering ghana.
- register the car in a small hut on the corner when entering the compound. They ask if you have a carnet. If you do not have one they might act a bit difficult. You get a little paper.persist you can get throu without a carnet.
- you pass immigration on your left. We skipped this one because we wanted to make sure our car could enter. We went back after we got the TIP.
- go to custom registration office (last window of the building) and give the little paper.
Those people, the front desk, could only say to us that we could not enter without carnet. They did not know about the possibilty of paying a bond. Ask for the TIP
- if you are having problems with the registration office, go the the office of the preventive unit they know about the bond and can help you out.
- the bond goes tru a freight forwarder. You have 2 choices:
1: go to the office next to the preventive unit of " Ghana freight forwarders.". They can help you with the bond. We do think you only can get the bond back at this border.
2: how we did it: contact Kossi, he is the middle man of an other freight forwarder. He managed to get us a TIP for 3 months. His boss (Robert) from Comexa Ghana payed our bond to customs and payed Kossi. We did not have to come back to the border, we can go to Robert in Tema when we ship the car out and he collects the bond.

2 high officers of the preventive unit said to us that the bond is the normal procedure. Everybody without carnet can get a TIP on a bond.
We also informed 1 guy of the front office, hoping that he would spread the word.

In attachment you find photos of the buildings and contactdetails of Kossi.

Smooth out of IC, no hassle. CDP had to be stamped upstairs in a room, ask around were to go.

Into Ghana very straight forward. We had gotten the 90 days at the IC embassy, but they only stamped 30. I explained we were leaving Ghana in 45 days so we needed the visa. After showing our flights he gave us 60 days. The rest was pretty straightforward too!

Coming from Ivory Coast with a motorbike Royal Enfield Himalayan. I was little bit late... 5pm . I pay 50 cedi for the TIP , no carnet. Everything was alright but they just ask me for my internal driving license ( I m French ).

Leaving CI easy and smooth. Customs scanned our truck (Unimog) in truck scanner. Staff friendly and no fuss at all. We have a great coloured scan of our beloved truck now :)

Ghana demanded carnet at first. Carnet or deposit (value of car and to be refunded at SAME border post) seem only legitimate options. After some begging the officer granted us a TVI at price displayed (30 road fund and 30 TVI for trucks (20 for cars)). TVI is for ECOWAS registered cars only, double checked this information online. Customs post 40 km further checked with her boss if she could let us go as document is illegal. Everyone friendly and nobody demanded any money.

had a little hassle on the Ghana side because the Togo/Ghana had only given a small stamped receipt. All seemed to fade away and wasn't a problem.

checked in on Cote D'Ivoire side. eas shown up to the customs chief who spoke a little english and was really helpful. He organised my TIP and said I don't have to pay. Normally CFA 20000.
Everything else went well.

Only panic was my yellow medical card didn't have some vaccination and they administered it via injection. Paranoia of unknown African diseases made the injection feel far worse. 😃😃 .

Road to Abidjan was best since South Africa.

We had a carnet so this border was very easy and fast. First border where finally costums and immigration are in the same building (not 5km away from each other). Stamped out of CI easy because no carnet stamp needed. Entering Ghana also easy, just fill out entry form and get your stamp, then carnet stamped on the same building. Took about 40 min total. After that; beautiful roads all the way to Accra :) Be careful of the speed limit! First country after Morocco where they have radars. (You can easily get away with a bribe tho, but make sure to get the bribe as low as possible, in the end they'll accept anything).

Coming from Ivory Coast to Ghana.

Getting out of Ivory Coast easy but was busy. First get the exit stamp in the passport then go to the customs to get the car checked out.

Ghana side: get on the compound. We have no Carnet and did the whole thing starting from the end (don’t know if it’s because we don’t have a carnet). So we started with the temporary import permit. The fees are official and stated on the booth: 50ghc for a car. The paper is done by one officer but has to be approved by another one. Fees to be paid at Ecobank. The officier did trouble a little bit as we had no international car documents but still went really easy.

Then got the stamp in the passport.

We were not asked to check our yellow fever cards.

Then registered the temporary import permit information in a book at the entrance of the compound and had to pay extra 15ghc, we did get a receipt and another officer asked for it at the exit so seemed legit.

We were surprised that it went so easy and at no extra cost!

If you try to enter Ghana using the insurance bond option, make sure you can re-enter Côté d'ivoire in case you need to turn around. We tried to get an 'emergency' visa and they were very grumpy about it then said it was 150USD plus "some extra" for their trouble. Then the bond insurance agent tried to get huge money for the entry of the car. It kept changing but he settled on 600USD for a 7 day transit visa. There is an official amount but the agent fee will be whatever they can extort from you. So I would advise to avoid Ghana unless you have a motorcycle or carnet. And get your visa in Abidjan.

Leaving Cote D'Ivoire easy enough. They log the vehicle details. I asked the police where to get the exit stamp. He said I'll get it for you. And he did. Very easy out. No other documents requested. I have a carnet but coming in from Liberia they wouldn't stamp it. No temporary import documen asked for. There is an EcoBank this side with an ATM. So if entering you could use this to withdraw cash.

Entering Ghana. This was a revalation. First proper border post for a long time! Even a duty free shop!

First port health want to see yellow fever. The immigration stamp you in.

Next go around the side to customs. I have carnet. Easy stamp in. If I hadn't dropped my phone at some point. id have been through both borders in 45 mins. But after using it on the Ghana side. I dropped it and never to be seen again. I think a passr by saw it and grabbed it. The border officials couldn't be more helpful.

Still. Easy border if you've the carnet

I asked for a friend about him not having a carnet. But his circumstances made it impossible to obtain it (flew to London and bought bike for export. So no time for the carnet as 7 days to leave)

The customs guy said basically. No carnet no entry. But. And its a big but. They sometimes issue short term temp permits. Maybe 7 days. You pay a small fee of €15 or thereabouts.

It's down to the officer on the day. So. There is a slim chance you can enter. But be polite. Have a story. Or have the carnet. Good luck if you chance it. The border seemed legit. So not sure they're able to be bribed

Busy border. Made to wait two hours for stamp on carnet from customs on ivory coast sise as the chief was at lunch. At least 130 to 3.

Ghanaian side we were greeted at the entrance with the news our car (right hand drive) would need to be escorted as it was illegal. Managed to get carnet stamped and this was not taken any further.

Had a transit visa. Managed to get at emergency visa at the border on the spot for 150 dollars. ouch.