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Côte d'Ivoire
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Last Visited: 5 months ago
GPS: 5.358820, -3.987050
Altitude: 11.5 masl
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Remarkably unhelpful staff. Gave us a transit visa only for 48 hrs. for 20000cfa for three days processing or 30000 cfa for one.

Will try to extend in Accra


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We applied for a 1 month express visa from here (UK passports).
Cost 60,000CFA (express, 2 days, 40,000 for 5 day processing).
Very clear and efficient staff. Others in the queue Spanish passports same process & costs.
No hassle, just bring copy of passport page (we were also asked to copy pages with previous visas), 2x passport photos & fill out 2 copies of form given at the office.
Applications supposed to be handed in 9-11am, but we arrived in the afternoon & it wasn't a problem.

Applied for our 30 days single entry visas, for russian and kazakh passports. Everything what had been said about the old lady at the reception is true: not competent, not willing to help, rude. Be aware: she refused to take copies of some documents, which the embassy actually needed. This situation postponed our application by 4 days. The lady was replying "your passports are not ready" for 3 days until she finally went to the embassy staff to check this out. Visas were quickly issued when we sorted things out, the staff was nice and helpful. Be persistent, try to get in touch with actual embassy people, make sure she took all copies of your documents.

unhelpful and uncompetent staff.
we obtained here our 30 days visa with single entry after 3 working days+week-end (we applied wednesday afternoon and we get it monday afternoon).
it costs 40000fcfa per visa (tourist visa).
they asked:
-2 identical identity pictures with white background :-(
-2 identical forms who can fill in the waiting room in the ambassy
-1 hotel reservation in Ghana
-1 passport copy
- copies of all our visas before entering in Ivory Coast (for proof, we are tourists!) :-(

We got the 90 day visa for Ghana here, but at the border they stamped 30. Eventually got 60 days because we showed our flights out of Ghana for 45 days later, but otherwise I don't think they give more than 30, depends what they feel like I guess. So we recommend to get the 30 days and then to extend in Accra or other immigration, as otherwise you pay for something you don't get!

Unhelpful middle age lady in the reception, I supply for the visa because she said the law for visa have changed. Only residents of Ivory Coast can ask for a visa now...
Fortunately she takes pity of me and she take my demand for the one month visa . 4 business day and 40 000 CFA.

We obtained our visa in 4 business days without troubles. 1 month for 40000 cfa.

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 5.35882, -3.98705

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 5.35882, -3.98705

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 5.35882, -3.98705

The receptionist provided printed details of the requirements and costs. I've added a photo and translated to English below. Processing time of four business days. Coordinates are incorrect: they should be 5.358816, -3.987054.

• Hotel reservation or invitation letter (photocopy of passport of whoever invites you and photocopy of his title of stay in Ghana)
• Photocopy of residence certificate (note: photocopy of Cote d'Ivoire visa)
• 2 photos (note: must have white background)
• photocopy of passport
• 2 forms

Tourism / Business:
1 month - 40,000 F
3 month - 60,000 F
6 month - 90,000 F
12 month - 150,000 F

Transit simple:
24 hours one way - 25,000 F

Double transit:
24 hours go - 24 hours return - 35,000 F


As of the 1st October 2018, there are no express visa services here. We are waiting four days.. plus over a weekend to get our Ghana visas. Cost for the 30 day visa is now 40 000 CFA. Your passport goes in too so you cannot apply for other visas while you do this.

As people before mentioned:
30.000 CFA normal visa (3 days, if you apply Tuesday and you get it Friday)
50.000 CFA express visa (24h)

There are no places around for making photocopies, nor photos or exchange money, so bring everything you need.

As stated below but possible to get an express visa adding 20000FCFA.
Either residence permit in Ghana or copy of Ivorian visa.
No hassle

Embassy is actually 100m down this side road. Only open Mon-Thu, forms can picked up Fridays at the gate. Visa submissions 8:30 - 11am. Collection 3:30 - 4pm.

Hotel reservation
2 photos
Copy of residence certificate (not sure what this means)
Photocopy of passport
Copy of completed form
30,000 CFA (1 month)

Processing time is three working days, so unless you time drop-off for a Monday, you will be waiting 6 days total for this visa.

Remarkably unhelpful staff. Gave us a transit visa only for 48 hrs. for 20000cfa for three days processing or 30000 cfa for one.

Will try to extend in Accra