Mauritanian Embassy | Consulate / Embassy

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Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: 33.980000, -6.831667
Altitude: 0.0 masl


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Mauritanian Embassy


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dont make your visa here! 600 dirham and too many papers! it is cheaper (55€) and quicker (some hours) at the border marocco-mauritania.

- Mauritanius Embassy in Rabat 28 April 2017 for Dutch residents.
You can enter the embassy one by one and will receive a form there.
Also; if you need to print or photocopy documents, there are 'cyber' shops all around town. Just ask around!

They will need
- 2 passport photos
- 1 passportcopy

Upon receiving those they will hand you a receipt with which you go to the BCME bank at the end of the street to pay 690 DHM per person(non residents and non arabs). The price went up since January 2017.

Once you paid at the bank, fill out the form and return to the embassy.
- We made a reservation for a hotel via for which you can choose a hotel that does not need a creditcard confirmation and has free annulation. We filled in the address on the form and no further questions were asked.
There are 2 doors, the second door has a fence around it; you will need to get your bank receipt checked and stamped there before you can enter the first door one by one again.

Inside they will check all the papers, scan your fingerprints, make a profile picture and they will give you a receipt on which the date and time is stated for the pick up of your visa( with us a day after but when we arrived a day after and waited in the line for 1.5 hours before we entered; they took our receipt and crossed out the original date and changed it into a week after on Friday 4 PM so we returned only to find out the embassy closed at 12 noon on Friday! So save yourself waiting in line and just show up a week after and not on a Friday!).

They will not keep your passport, so you can arrange more visas that day, if needed.
We arranged this visa in Rabat to avoid the hasse and rip off at the border for a 7 day transit visa.

One month visa cost 140€ applications after 9am Monday to Thursday. You need copy of passport application form, only in French and Arabic, two passport photos. Leave one day collect the next afternoon, one day service no longer provided. I was told to come back at 12 pm following day and waited until 2.15 to collect along with eight other people. As it was a Friday they were going to close at 2 pm to attend Mosque and gate guy said to come back Monday. Fortunately the Arab speaking others who were waiting made a BIG fuss and they finally processed us all in about five minutes. Get a one month visa for Mali at a Embassy just across the road and up one block, cost 24€ and takes one hour. Need application form two photos and hard copy of hotel booking.

Mauritanian Embassy