The embassy was a bit tricky to find and is located near the hospital. It is run by a lovely family and the husband speaks English. A one month single entry visa costs 40.000CFA (61€), can be picked up the following day and you state the approximate date of entry but it is supposedly valid from any date of entry. To be able to apply you need to become a Togolese resident and their son usually sorts that out for you. Costs are 12.500CFA per person (19€). It might be a bit cheaper to organize yourself at a police office. Apart from that you need two passport photos, passport copy and yellow fever certificate copy as well as one filled out application form.

Blog: Norbert's Adventures

Place: Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Lome)

Visited: March 1st, 2014


Location: 6.146070, 1.211280