Went there today and was told firstly that it would take a month for a visa, then he said a week. I explained that I needed it quicker as I had too move on and suddenly he say "meet me at a hotel in town in one hour" and with no need for application form, photo or anything. I did supply the other photocopies required. So he meets outside as I drive up, me gives me my passport with visa inside and a receipt for 60,000 CFA and ask me what date I want to enter, and writes it in on the spot. I did not even get out of the car. One month visa done in an hour "express service" I think they just felt sorry for me and showed respect to an "old man" at any rate a great outcome for me.


Place: Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Lome)

Visited: June 20th, 2016


Location: 8.937552, 8.937552